#202 Running with Blue Balls

Do you have Balls??  Are they Blue?  Well Mr. Testis does, and he’s looking to lay his virgin blue ball lay with your lovable BumbleTard and Eyes Up Here.  WTF, blue balls? Mr Testis? What the hell are you talking about??  Well here’s the skinny: In celebration of the up and coming San Fermin Running of the Bulls New Orleans style Mr. Testis (the official mascot of San Fermin) decided to come into town to check out the local culture before this weekends festivities.  Be there BITCHES!  There’s going to be lots of BALLS some of which might be BLUE!!  And most of which will not be Mr. Testis…

Theme: Running of the Bulls Attire or a pair of Blue Balls will do…

Who: Eyes Up HERE, Bumbletard, and Mr. Testis

What: Voodoo Hash

When:Thursday 6:30 show, 7:00 go

Where :Start at Ernst Cafe (600 South Peters)

Why: To drink beer, and run

Please remember to Bring a 6 pack, flashlight, whistle, and a dollar.

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