#196 – Tandy Ass, Battlesnatch, Eat Tail

Tuh kick off dis Memorial Day week’en, we ax ya tuh face ya duty an mawch acrawss da mighty Industrial Canal, past da lowah nint, tuh dat pawt’uh da map labeled “Here Be Yats”.

Arabi (da Parish) is da locayshin dis week, an befor’ya stawt whinin’ about whey’it is, jus considah what’uh pussy ya soun like – it’s only 4 miles from da Quarters, dawlin’!

-Battlesnatch Galacticunt



Tandy Ass, Eat Tail Suck Head, Battlesnatch Galacticunt
Theme: U.S. military, patriotic.
When: Thursday, May 26th, 6:30pm show, 7:00pm geaux!
Where: Arabi, da Parish. On Judge Perez Dr near Center St. (in the abandoned Winn Dixie parking lot.)
Pets: Not wise.

Bring: $1 and a 6-pack. PLUS, shiggy socks, whistle, flashlight, and mosquito spray highly recommended.

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