Campout 2011

I just wanted to send out a big holla to those who helped make this year’s event highly successful.  First and foremost, thanks to my kitchen staff:  Oral Impression, Takes It In the Face, Utterly Retitulous, Cock-a-Booty, Just Andy, Just Jennifer, and anyone else who helped put stuff out, serve, organize, or clean up.  Thanks to Everything Butt Sex for hare raising, as I was only able to sneak in on a couple of circles.  I heard the trails and themes, except the one with P.O.S. Knave and Chum Dumpster having glow sticks stuck in inappropriate places, were really fun and decent for the limited amount of space available for shiggy.

Thanks be given to the man who delivered the BEER!!! TIDY BOWL MAN!!!!!!  And to Slam Bam, for helping bring the extra wood (like he has a problem with extra wood), and staying late helping to pick up the extra trash at the end of the event.

What can be said to the woman who went out of her way to ensure we had appropriate space to get drunk, be obnoxious, scream all night, and well, just be plain rude and naked?  THANK YOU VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, MUCH COCK-A-BOOTY BOO!!!!!!!! Hopefully, we be able to utilize the property again in the future.  Thanks to those who tried to abide by the rules.  Your cooperation does not go unnoticed.

I also want to thank the strong, hot hashers with an abundance of muscles, who helped move benches, tables, and well anything else that required heavy lifting.  Thanks Cock Jaw, Just Dayne, Cold Wet Douche, Mr. Awesome #1 and #2, Game Ovary, Slam Bam, Chum, and EBS.  P.O.S. Knave, thanks for standing around giggling with your belly hanging out, and oh yeah, your butt crack dimple. Eeewwwwww!

Lastly, thanks to Pastor Bait Her and Utterly for all their help with the designs and all the small things that go unnoticed by most.  Without you guys, we would have some crappy logos and highly uncreative ideas that come to fruition.  WHHOOOOOORRRRRE!

If you missed this year’s event, too bad for you.  There was way too much beer pong, I learned my lesson with the warm weather and beer amounts for games, too much late night fire jumping, too many three legged hashes, way too much nudity and glow sticks, way too much AWESOMENESS, and too many namings, again.  Thanks to Cock-a-Booty for writing them all down.  Some need to be worked on further though.

Hopefully, next year will be even more spectacular and will probably have to be limited in numbers due to limited real estate.  If you have any complaints or criticisms, please e-mail me @  I really do appreciate all the input to help make the next event better.

OH YEAH, Thanks to the powers that are bigger than any of us for NOT RAINING.  After three straight years of cold and rain, I really enjoyed packing up a dry tent for once.  See you guys Thursday.

Your High Priestess,
Fill Me Up

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