#190 – IRS meets Goodwill Hobos

Sorry this weeks post is a bit late, but as anything with politics; late is on time, billions of dollars is change, and temporary is permanent. This weeks hash starts out at the goodwill on Tulane and Jeff Davis, the theme is Politicians meet Goodwill Hobos. There is an irony here, Tulane is not filed with hobos, and Jeff Davis was never caught with a midget in an airport bathroom stall. Speaking of midgets and bathroom stalls, Tidy Bowl Man is haring. So Bring $1, beer, and a whistle, hell might as well bring a flashlight as well, show up at 6:30, go at 7.

If you Eyes aren’t down there, they better be Up Here!


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Hares: Tidy Bowl Man!
Theme: Professional attire (red, white, and blue) or a hobo
When: Thursday, April 7th, 6:30pm Show, 7:00pm Geaux!
Location: Goodwill Parking Lot – Tulane Ave and Jefferson Davis.

Bring $1, 6 pack of beer, whistle and FLASHLIGHT! If you forget to bring beer, then bring $10 and you be forced to drink Eyes Up here’s Bud Light lime!

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