Campout Info for all you wanks!

1.  The Campout event is Friday to Sunday.  The grounds will open up on Friday after 12:00 noon.  Kegs will be tapped around 3p.m.  Dinner will be served around 5:30p.m.  If you choose to come up early on that Friday, make sure you pack your own lunch and beverage until then.

2.  If you bring a pet (the kind with four paws), you must have it on a leash, not teathered, and in control with the owner(s) at all times.  No free roaming is allowed at any time. PERIOD!!!!  All food, bowls for food and water, for your pet must be provided.  The hash will not give out leftovers to any pets.

3.  There will be a designated parking area for all vehicles.  You will be allowed to unload your crap to set up your site, then you must park your car in the designated parking area.  I would suggest car pooling as much as possible if your equipment will fit. If you plan on camping out of your car, you will be camping in the parking area so you may want to park in a shaddy spot.

4.  There is a shower with hot water.  Please try and keep it as clean as possible for others to use.  In other words, Knave, no crapping in the shower.

5.  There will be clean port-a-potties, and maybe a bathroom.  Either way, if you use toilet paper outside those designated waste areas, do not leave your used paper in a pile somewhere in the woods.  Put the used paper in a bag and dispose of it properly.  These grounds are used by others year round and they really don’t need to run across your old pile of waste because you were too lazy, drunk, or blind to make it to the appropriate area to relieve yourself.

6.  Everyone, PLEASE, pitch in.  If you see trash, and I don’t mean Teeny when she’s trashed, lying around please help clean up and keep the site as clean as possible.  We are in an area of wild animals, so don’t leave your food hanging out overnight as it may disappear.  I hear the racoons are vicious in them there parts.

7.  Make sure to bring a fun and positive attitude.  Tons of work goes into this event to make sure EVERYONE can have fun.  Leave the drama at home for the weekend and all worries from work, school, relationships, whatever, etc. at your doorstep when you walk out of your door to come to the campout.

8.  There will be no smoking in the dinner area.  Also, if you’re going to smoke, please bring an ashtray or a way to dispose of your butts.  The grounds are free of that type of litter and need to remain as such.  In stronger words, DON’T LEAVE YOUR F*^#’N CIGARETTE BUTTS ON THE GROUND!!!!!!!

9.  There are no fire pits on the grounds.  Some of us are bringing up some portable fire bowls so feel free to bring one if you have it.  If you have extra wood you’d like to donate, it would be appreciated.  I doubt it will get cold enough to need a fire, but it’s always a fun place to try and butcher hash songs.

10.  If you need anything or have questions, please email me @  I will try and answer your questions in a timely manner.

ON ON Wankers!!!
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