#183-Fair Warning: Don’t Ever Look DOWN!

He’s named Eyes Up Here for a reason but we still fail to look anywhere but up. P.S. Knave should be very proud to find a successor who can probably do an elephant walk better than he can. Do not ever invite those fools to your house (i.e. bed) or you’ll have to burn your sheets and sanitize your walls. Fortunately there’s no “elephant” walking trail so this week’s run will start on the outskirt of City Park where we will hopefully have to chase a semi dressed lone hare. Hopefully Eyes’ mindful enough to end trail where we don’t have to worry about unwelcome interruptions. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

YBF’d by T.W.O.T

Hare: Eyes Up Heeeere!
Theme: Hash Attire
When: Thursday, March 24th, 6:30pm Show, 7:00pm Geaux!
Location: Marconi Dr & Victory Ave (Across Delgado)

Bring $1, 6 pack of fav beer, whistle and FLASHLIGHT! If you forget to bring beer, then I suggest allowing the beer hare to smack you in the nether regions and pay a fine.

IMPT: Don’t forget to bring your Camp Out $ and registration form by Thursday if you want to get your gimmes, Lazy Bastards.

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