Hash Trash – The Mighty 500th

Oh man was it a Smoking Hot Lay in Moblie, AL this weekend. And like most Smoking Hot Lays this one was a HUGE hash whore! It was the 500th! And with 500 lays under your belt we were guaranteed a good gang bang and that it was. Hashers came all across the Gulf Coast to celebrate this whore-tastic event, from Louisiana and Florida all the way to fucking Wyoming. Hashers were cumming, cumming cumming alll day long.

TLAM opened this momentous lay with the blessing and then it was every hasher for themselves. There was some rough shiggy on this lay and if you weren’t carefully you definitely ended up with scratches and bite marks. Rumor has it even the elusive Clit-R-Us was found during this lay, and I definitely got wet as I’m sure most did. And Virgins! Were there Virgins! So many virgins came to this lay and were ready for us to pop their virgin cherry. We did have some late-cummers from New Orleans, Baby Facial and Princess Lay-ya, who managed to meet us half-way. Better late than pregnant.

It was a long and completely fulfilling lay, but eventually we all finished. Afterward, Hashers gathered at Blues Tavern and Scumbag preformed sacred rituals and we sang in celebration with beer and food flowing copiously amongst all who came. Hashers competed in events to show others who could be the best of the pack displaying their sexual skills in many different positions. Condoms were present and lubed for your pleasure and possibly for the first time ever they actually helped people get wet. Can I Fuck Your Sister? came out on top when he discovered that Everything Butt Sex doesn’t bust the condoms. Some hashers whipped out their bananas and tacos and displayed their amazing oral talents (We have pictures Twinkle Twat) and I discovered my tongue thrashings are in need of some serious practice. Any takers?

The revelry lasted well into the night as this 500th lay finally came to end. Whew, I know I left completely satisfied and utterly exhausted, and if you didn’t then you were probably doing something wrong. Congrats to the GCH3 on their 500th Lay and I hope they continue to fuck around so we can all cum again to celebrate more of their milestones.


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