Hash Trash #155 – Wet and Wild

Ah Mawwage, I know this hash trash is late but hey, better late than pregnant. I’ll drink for it later.

Thursday’s run was in celebration of Skin Whistle and Dry Hole Whistle Blower’s nuptials and man was that a rough, wet lay. It started off at Coconut Beach/West End Park and went seemly well until some fuckin’ Wanker who has yet to be identified yelled “YBF” in the middle of True Trail and sent half the pack off in the wrong direction looking for “true trail.” From what I hear from the Front Running Bastards, the actual true trail had some really nice shiggy on it. Too bad us slower wankers were just wondering around in Robért’s Parking Lot looking like some lost virgins in search of what every virgin yearns for …. BEER!

After we finally found BN, the second half was much more enjoyable and brought us much satisfaction running through shiggy, jumping fences and left most of us completely wet (like all good lays should). Yea we had some cuts and bruises afterward, but it was all worth it after a quick swim in Lake Pontchartrain led us to the On-In and what we all love, more BEER!

Overheard on trail: “This trail has to be A to B because there’s only one way in and out of West End Park” –Leave it to our great hares to be inventive.

Circle was like our trail, started off tame but ended up wet and yeasty. Pastor preformed a quick ceremony for the newly wed couple which included the Harriette, formally known as Dry Hole, taking her bed lovers name and shall now forth be known as Whistle Blower.

We had quite a few FRBs drink but after all the drunkenness I can only remember Broke Back Dyke and Bumble-Tard. There were also a lot of Back Sliders, Non-Theme wearing Bastards and we celebrated a bunch of Birthdays —- Happy Womb Emancipation Day to all!

Shortly after that circle soon became like a scene out of Coyote Ugly with beer flying every which way. Eyes Up Here gave all of us a show with his teeny weenie bikini. After too many down-downs everyone seemed to be pouring beer on their heads….Head? Who said Head? I’ll take some of that! TWOT, Urine Jail and I decided we were done drinking and decided to just pour the beer craniums.  A good time was definitely had by all.

Next week’s run is out in Old Metairie near the Langenstein’s so get your Wanking Asses out there and maybe not call a false YBF this time?

On- On,

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October 1-3 is the Texas Crab Hash texascrabhash.com

Bumble-Tard is doing the MS Tour for Cure – Check out his donation page, he is offering his Saints vs. Panthers ticket (Section 551) to the highest (sperm) donor. MS Tour for Cure Donations

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