#155 – With this beer, I thee wed.

Dearly intoxicated, we will gather in Lakeview on Thursday in the presence of the Pack to join Skin Whistle and Dry Hole in holy mattress monkey. Attesting to their dreary and lonely lives, they have now resolved to end each future hash by going home and getting lucky every time without need for self-gratification or technology. We will celebrate the end of their wanking ways and to cheer in the joy of sex outside masturbation.

Skin Whistle promises to take Dry Hole for better or for worse, on the rag and in health, on bad hair days and good, to have and to hash with until death do they part.

Dry Hole promises to take Skin Whistle for better or for worse, in vomit and in shiggy, with his farts and his smell, to have and to hash with until death do they part.

May they go forth and multiply, bearing many new little horrors to fill our trails!,
Everything Butt Sex

Hares: Skin Whistle and Dry Hole
Theme: Wedding (Cross Dressing Event)
Location: Parking lot on the West End BLVD of West End Park. North of Coconut Beach and Murray Yacht Sales. 7356 W Roadway St New Orleans, LA 70124-1650[
Time: Thursday, September 16th. 6:30pm Show. 7pm, Go!

Bring $1, a six pack, a flashlight, and a whistle. If you’re a putz and don’t bring beer then why are you even coming? If you don’t bring beer, then you pay $10 and you GET NO BEER!

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