#151 – Remnants of Red Dress

A long, long time ago (well, 5 days ago), there was a litany of Red Dress events that most have participated in if not all. Soooo…What to do with that nasty red skirt, that ripped red lingerie, that smelly Nike shoes that reek of Bourbon Street’s piss, that dilapidated red fairy wings, that wilted red tutu, that vomit smelling red top, that stained red boxers, that manly g-string, that stretched out bra, and that beer and “other” stained red dress? If you don’t give a damn about that unwashed outfit anymore, come for a holy cleansing in Lakeview. Hence, you ought to Bring-A-Bag. That means bring a change of clothes, you spoiled pavement running bastards and bitches! For the new boots (virgins), I have high expectations that you’d be brave enough to put the veterans to shame. You have nothing to be afraid of, I’m pretty delicate myself.

Hares: TWOT, BrokeBackDyke
Theme: Anything from Red Dress Event or dirty clothes that haven’t been laundered so your pajamas will suffice
Location: Paris Ave & Lakeshore Dr.
Time: Thursday, August 18th. 6:30pm Show. 7pm Go!

Wet Bitch Friendly (For you 8 Lay a Week)
Shiggy Trail – Bring Bug Spray Don’t wear your new shoes (You know why)
Don’t worry about the Teeny hash mark…it’ll be humongous.

On On,
Teeny Weeny On Top

Bring $1, a six pack, a flashlight, and a whistle. If you’re a putz and don’t bring beer then why are you even coming? If you don’t bring beer, then you pay $10 and you GET NO BEER!

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