Hash Trash – Virgins in the Park.

Virgins, Virgins, who’s got the virgins? Virgins hashers, virgins hare. Seven virgins came to this week’s trail and 8 Lays a week popped her cherry laying flour. She might not be a badass cougar, laying flour and going down down, like a pro just yet. At least she isn’t scared and timid anymore, or complains about how much it hurts.

As for the hash virgins, one couldn’t handle it, and quit before anyone finished, a second virgin came late. One of the needle dick virgins managed to cut a hole in the slip n slide at beer near. The others fucked through mud, like champions, without protection for about 3 miles. Seriously, I can’t believe no one called me out for not making sure the virgins had proper boots for what they were about to endure. The trail ran through shitty park. Hashers were running into each other, and were lost in the woods until they found the jello shots hidden, on trail, on one of the few hills in New Orleans.

With all the cherry popping going on last night, I’d like to remind everyone of the Voodoo Song Book. If you want more songs, feel free to use the Googles.

Next week’s run is going to be uptown, hared by Veteran DickieWong Stockings, and virgin hare Texticle Teaser! Get your asses out there!

Finally a special shout out goes out to Bumbletard, who managed to get his car stuck in the mud, and A Little Prick for opening a tab at Parlay’s after the On-In.

Everything Butt Sex.

High above the virgin’s garter
High above her knee
Lies the secret of her honor Her virginity Roll her over, oh so softly Gently in the grass. This is what we live and die for, Piece of virgin ass.

So drink it down, down, down . . .

Melody – Frere Jacques

We’ve got virgins,
We’ve got virgins,
At our hash,
At our hash,
Gonna get’em drunked up,
Gonna get’em fucked up,
Down the hatch,
Up the ass,

So drink it down, down, down . . .

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