Pre-Lube at Pete’s Pub tonight!

Since a couple of us work downtown and don’t feel like going home just to come right back to the CBD, we’re meeting at Pete’s Pub tonight for a Pre-Lube. It’s on the ground floor of the Pan American building. We’ll be trickling in one at a time after 5 o’clock. If you have no imagination (Hobo Rodeo) and couldn’t think of broken resolution, stop by and let us think of one for you. For those who don’t know about this place, it is the perfect spot to pour back a few beers before the commute back to the North Shore. It has a free pool table, free appetizers and two for one happy hour from 4-7. Most importantly, it has two awesome bartenders who I know fucking miss me. The first one being a guy named Mason who looks like your grandfather and has stories of bringing guns across state lines. The other is my favorite Spaniard, Pedro, who rocks out to Frank Sinatra and Britney Spears in the same play list.

Let’s be honest, you’ve been watching the weather, then you’ve been thinking about skipping tonight all week. That’s cool. We’re not mad. Sober people don’t run in shit like this. But we’re hashers, not wankers, so give into peer pressure, do a shot of 2 for 1 whiskey at Pete’s Pub to warm up and come join the debauchery. While you are at it, remember your Hash bag. It’s carnival time and we’ll be in the quarter so bring extra cash and a change of clothes.

P.S. Dickie told me he called and cancelled the rain, so if you get wet on trail and not in a good way, we’re fucking calling him out in circle and making sure he knows he should be publicly pissed on. Remember, Just Sarah, it may be your virgin lay, but when one hare drinks, all hares drinks!


-Everything Butt Sex

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