VDH3’s 2nd Birthday / Hashgiving 2009

*EDIT* Man, this whole thing is a MAJOR math fail on my part. 3rd year ≠ 3rd anniversary. My bad. On the upside, we have a design ready to go next year.
– PB8R

First of all, sorry for getting this up so late. I would’ve had it up Monday, but my spam filter apparently hates Tidy. I was going to do it last night, but hibachi, Sapporo, and hot sake got in the way.

Better to be a latecummer than no not cum at all, right?
And what do I usually respond to gripes with? Oh yeah, bite me.

So yeah, Thanksgiving and an Analversary! The hash prevails!


We’re meeting up at Sophie Wright Park, right by the Half Moon. And if I remember correctly this was where Dickie got named, so it’s appropriate. I guess.

We’ll make the theme easy for you dumbshit wankers: the theme is Hash Attire! Just wear some! (Licks ‘Em Young, I’m lookin at you)

You know the usual deal – bring $1 and a six pack, $6 if you a beerless bastard. Bring a flashlight and a whistle.

Hares: Tidy Bowl Man and Dickie Wongstockings
When: November 26th, 6:30 pm
Where: Sophie Wright Park (Sophie Wright Pl. and Magazine, by Half Moon)
Theme: Just wear some damn hash attire!

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