#111 – 40 Days and Nights

Jeebus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness fasting while being tempted by all things sinful. A 40-something time period, whether days, months, or years is ALWAYS a period of testing, trial, probation, or chastisement (but not judgment) and ends with a period of restoration, revival or renewal. Well, Ready Whip is turning 40 this Thursday and “G” knows she’s has had 40 years of testing and trials so lets celebrate like Hashers do: Drink beer, cuss a lot and be as sinful as possible. So, come dressed as your favorite religious icon and get your sin on.


Hares: Ready Whip and Just Adrienne
When: December 3rd, 6:30 pm
Where: Fat Harry’s (4330 Saint Charles Ave.)
Theme: Religious Icon

You know the usual deal – bring $1 and a six pack, $6 if you’re one of those beerless bastards. Bring a flashlight and a whistle.

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