VooDoo #92 – Who the Hell?

AnonymousHeya kids, it’s your friendly local Pastor Bait-Her. Not only is this week’s hash is a mystery, but so is the hare!

That’s right, a mystery hare! So, re-watch your old beat-up VHS copy of [insert your favorite mystery movie here], and come on out to the lakefront! Our hare (can we just go ahead and call him Mr. Body from Clue?) will even be bringing some gadgets for us to find at the checks, and the hashers who find them will be rewarded.

And I promise that unlike the movie Clue, there won’t be three different endings. So, get dressed as your favorite Clue character, Sherlock Holmes, etc. and find trail like a motherflippin’ detective!

We’ll be meeting up just North of St. Bernard Ave. and Robert E. Lee at the usual time of 6:30, with the hare taking off at 7.  Mr. Body asks that you bring a flashlight as trail might be a bit long, and that shiggy socks may not be a bad idea.

This is the VooDoo, so you know the deal: $1 and a six-pack are the fees, and bring a damn whistle and a flashlight.

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