#195 – Jesus is Cumming!

So, apparently on May 21st, the Rapture is coming, or so these guys say: www.wecanknow.com. Personally, they’re not winning me over with their lame photo gallery or the fact that they already ran out of free bumper stickers, but just in case they’re telling the truth, we should make this last Hash a good one. This will be a little atypical than most (read: you won’t be running six miles), and this you will understand if y’all bother to fucking pay attention to chalk talk instead of trying to hit on the hot new virgin you somehow haven’t scared off … Continue Reading#195 – Jesus is Cumming!

#144 – Luck of the draw

Get your loaded dice and marked deck of cards out you group of wankers. Even if you have to lie, cheat, and steal, there is no reason for you to leave this hash without getting a little lucky!!!! This week’s run has us meeting up at Blain Kern’s Mardi Gras world in the Warehouse district. You know the place. It’s where that Poseidon Statue is raping that giant gator pass door J at the end of the convention center. Theme: Gambling, luck of the draw Hares: UnderCummer (Virgin Lay?) & Hobo Rodeo Start: Henderson St. & 1400 Tchoupitoulas New Orleans, LA 70130 Time: … Continue Reading#144 – Luck of the draw

Hash Trash

If you haven’t been around since the camp out, you’ve missed a lot. Pictures of the wedding hash means Udderly ReTiTulous has to explain to her future horrors one day why Pastor Bait-her thought it was important to run around New Orleans in a white dress and get drunk a day before they celebrated holy mattress monkey. Last Thursday signified the end of their ability to come and go as they pleased, of freely ogling members of the opposite sex, of innocently flirting without repercussion, and of making that monumental decision, “Should I go to the hash?” without first wondering … Continue ReadingHash Trash