Trail #774: American Sparkle Party!



American Sparkle Party!

This has been a hell of a week for me and a hell of a year for ‘MERICA…we were great again, then we were trash, now we’re great again and involved in diplomacy? We thought we were the teen heart throb, child genius of the globe with all our iPhones and skateboards..but then China had a growth spurt and stole our fvcking girlfriend. We totally revenge porned her…which was not cool….but then we apologized and now we believe woman… so…we’re improving?
Let’s CELEBRATE OUR GREAT NATION’S GROWING PAINS pimples and all. Our IN-DE-PEN-IS from mean Poppa Britain. Our Quarter Life Crisis on the international stage. By wearing our sparkly red, white, and blue booty shorts, crop tops, miniskirts, etc.

When: 6:30p show, 7 go! July 1, 2021

Where: Okay Bar, 1700 Port St., New Orleans, LA 70117 (congregate across the street in empty lot)

Hares: Tits Don’t Fit, Missionary, & Quesa

On-After: Okay Bar

*there is a burger pop up at the bar, impossible burger options for veggies

True Trail —-> Turkey 3miles / Eagle 6miles

Bring: BYOCooler+Beer, whistle and sparkles. A reasonable expectation that you may get glitter on your person. Face paint. Fireworks?….maybe not fireworks….?

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