Trail #729 – The Boulevard of Broken Dreams 2020 Remix.

Bring: 6-pack (glass discouraged), a personal cooler, whistle, flashlight, and a mask. Masks must be worn while not running.

Date: Thursday, August 27th

Time: 6:30pm show, 7:00pm GO!

Theme:The Boulevard of Broken Dreams 2020 Remix.

I walk a lonely road, or at least I did if I went into the quarter in April or May. and because it isn’t so lonely who knows how much longer this will go on.

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a kick in the crotch.  It is fun, it isn’t funny and it’s dangerous. 

So many events and gatherings had to be scrapped this year.  So much love lost.
In true punk rock style let us raise our middle fingers to this bastard of a year and dress for the even you want not the event you are at.

Miffed about St Pats?  Were you finally looking forward to a Cinco on taco Tuesday (But then comes the Revenge of the Sixth)? Worried that Halloween on a Saturday is going to be ruined?  What is going on with Football (at least there is rugby (go ‘Tahs))? Will there be a comicon?  What about Mardi Gras?  Has anyone seen my anti-axiety meds?

TL;DR – Come dressed for the event you wanted to go to this year but couldn’t or might not be able to.

Start Address: 2292 N Peters St. ( for absolutely no reason at all)

Hare & Co-hares: Oui Oui.

Beer hare: Queasodidher

Pre-Lube: Tailgate (by which I mean drink your own beers 6′ away from each other) in the area near start

On-After: Finish what beers you have left near where circle happened

Dog Friendly: sure

Is a dry bag, shiggy gear, or anything specific needed for trail? not unless it rains, but it’s 2020, so prep for the worst.

Approx. -l-l-l–> length: (does not include YBFs or actually solving checks). 4 miles, 

Trail is A to A+.

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