Trail #707 – Voodoo’s First (dear-god-I-hope-this-doesn’t-turn-into-anal) Virtual Trail

Theme: Voodoo’s First (dear-god-I-hope-this-doesn’t-turn-into-anal) Virtual Trail

Virtual hare: The Iceman Thumbeth

Prelube and On-after: Your house. If you need to restock, consider supporting local businesses by picking up to-go beers from places like Brieux Carré Brewing Co (pre-order at or 504 Craft Beer (3939 Tulane Ave).

Keeping the social in social distancing, Voodoo is going virtual with trail this week. Unlike last week, we will all run at the same time but in different locations. Here’s how it works:

At 7 PM on Thursday, March 26, we’ll have a video blessing of the hares/chalk talk with Facebook Live. Come to the Voodoo Facebook group to catch it.

After chalk talk, everyone will head out on a route of their own design. Start where you want, beer near where you want, end where you want, and post photos, videos, and updates along the way. If you run with others, keep it to three or less people.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! Track your run with a route-tracker app (e.g. Map My Run or Run Keeper). Post a screenshot of your route when you’re finished. Whoever draws the best, most creative picture with their route wins. If it’s really good, Iceman will print it on a t-shirt, so plan your route in advance.

A sure-to-be-a-shit-show virtual circle will be held at 9 PM on Zoom. Simply click this link to join: (audio and/or video). We have to be done by 9:40 because after that the free version of Zoom kicks us off.

Lastly, just because it’s a virtual trail doesn’t mean we can’t have visitors! We’d love it if our friends around the country/world would join us. Just run a route wherever you are and join us in the Zoom circle.

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