Trail #562 – “Born Again Virgins” Roman Showers & Missionary

We are bringing a tradition from our home kennel to Voodoo. Some of you strumpets will be given a second chance at virginity by Sister Roman and Father Missionary. We suggest you protect that chastity, lest you burn in our circle of hell! Those of you who remain impure are free to fuck the virgins anyway you like.

Be sure to wear your Catholic school uniform, or religious garb.


Bring: $1 (no coins), 6-pack (glass discouraged), whistle, flashlight
Date: Sept., 7, 2017
Time: 6:30pm Show, 7:00pm GO!
Theme: Born Again Virgins
Start Address: New Orleans Baptist Association – 2222 Lakeshore Dr, New Orleans, LA, 70122
Hares: Roman Showers Bring Me Flowers & Missionary Position For The Purpose Of Procreation
Beer Hare: Just Byron
Prelube: Daiquiris & Company (6301 Elysian Fields Ave, New Orleans, LA, 70122)
On Afters: Daiquiris & Company (6301 Elysian Fields Ave, New Orleans, LA, 70122)
Dog friendly: Yes 🐶 if they are agile and can handle a little shiggy.
Is anything specific needed? Dry bag probably and shiggy socks if you feel like it.
Approx. length: 3.69 miles (you know… approximately)
Trail is A to A
Also, being the first Thurs. of the month Haberdashery will be there so bring cash or log into your paypal account to preorder and make sure they got what you want on trail.
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