Trail # 477 3rd ANAL Half-Baked Yeast-Infection Down-Under – Kiwi Wiwi and What’s Warm

davonnyYou were clueless the first time.  You couldn’t believe we did it again a year later.  Now, here we stand with blood-shot eyes, down-under the threshold of greatness, caked in fermented flour to do it again!  This is not a trail, but a quest for eternal life!  Okay, maybe just a quest for beer and flour; but if that doesn’t bring you eternal life, I don’t know what does.  Okay.  Enough with the pageantry, here cums the D……etails.

Definitely bring a flashlight, or act like you’re trying to go home with someone who brought one.  You will need it.  There will be 4 trails of approximately 1 mile each.  The order in which you do the trails does not matter to us, but you will only be able to do one of two trails for your first one.  Once you complete a trail and collect your token, you will return to the mountain. Upon returning to the Mountain, that is the BN that never ends, so have one! Wash, Rinse, and Repeat.  We carefully scouted this, and it will work so long as you follow instructions and trail markers. Racists should try to do all 4.  Joggers – 3. Walkers – 2.  But whatever, no one can leave the mountain to attempt to do another trail after 8:40pm. Everyone must be back to the mountain by 9:00pm.  Circle starts once all are accounted for.  Those valuable tokens can be redeemed for nourishment at the mountain.  IF YOU FUCKING TAKE MORE THAN ONE TOKEN OR ACCEPT A STOLEN TOKEN FROM ANYONE AND WE FIND OUT, ALL PARTIES WILL RECEIVE NOTHING. (We worked hard on this.  Please don’t fuck with it.)  On-On.

Date: 4/14/2016 (Campout Pre-Lube!!!)

Bring: $1 and a 6-pack (or more)  along with the usual Flashlight, whistle, etc.

Time: 6:30 Show 7:00 SHARP (For real, y’all)

Start: PAY ATTENTION!  The Couturie Forest in City Park which is on Harrison Avenue.  Park on Harrison and bring your beer and flashlight to
the top of Laborde Mountain in the forest.  We’ll have signs directing you to said mountain from the entrance.  This IS the highest point of
elevation in NOLA – Not Monkey Hill like everyone thinks.  (WTF?!?! There’s a fucking mountain in Nola?  Yes.  Yes, there is.)

For a mapable address : 1009 Harrison Ave New Orleans, LA 70124

Hares: KW5 – What’s Warm and Mr. Wiwi (Mr. Wiwi DOES NOT have consent from Warm, FYI)

Beer Hare: In the Kitchen (Kitchen DOES have consent from Warm, FYI)

Pre-Lube: Parlay’s (Older crowd time) 870 Harrison Ave, New Orleans, LA 70124

On After: Parlay’s (Mind the Co-eds) 870 Harrison Ave, New Orleans, LA 70124

Dog Friendly?  Eh, kind of.  Depends on your dog.  Trails won’t be too bad for them, but circle might scare them a bit.  (Seriously.)

Special Shit:  DEFINITELY BRING A FLASHLIGHT TO THIS TRAIL!!!! (Flesh-lights are cool too, but you’ll NEED a flashlight.)

Approx. length of trail: 4 miles – If you do all 4 trails. (Say what now?)

Trail is A to A to A to A to A  (You read that correctly)

Hash Announcements:

Voodoo Campout (Is in 3 days!!) April 15 – 17th.  Join your friends in hashy fun at the Renaissance Festival site. Rego Here

Survivor Red Dress Run (Pensacola, FL) May 20 – 22, 2016   Rego Here!

NOH 3 Red Dress Run Rego is Now OPEN. Rego Here!

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