Trail #357 -“The Stabbin’ Cabin” Bearly Blue, Angry Lesbian Tuna Beard, Asses Up, Tits Don’t Fit, Drilling Me Softly

blue undies trail

Bearly Blue’s last VoodooH3 trail before the enlistment in the US Navy, As his goal career was started 1962 Vietnam, this trail will be done Vietnam War style. There will be booby traps on trail, not with spiked bamboo spikes but with glitter and paint. If you are glitter bombed or painted by circle, you’re gonna drink for it. So stay frosty and eyes out, danger close!

This trail is high risk-high reward, the shortest route will also be dirtiest and wettest, the longest route will be safe and dry, but we won’t mark which is which.

If the trail goes on the sidewalk, chances are it’s the Turkey. If it goes through water, chances are it’s the Eagle.

Keep your ditty bags(drybag with hygienic items and change of clothes) STRAC(squared away and handy), this’ll be a dirty one. You WILL be getting wet. You MUST bring waterproof flashlight and whistle. Ka-bar or other self-defense means is recommended. Have a shower buddy ready.

Bring: $1 (no coins please), six pack , flashlight & whistle. Dry bag with change of clothes is necessary!

Date: Thursday, March 20, 2014 6:30 pm meet, Hares away at 6:45 pm, Hounds at 7:15 pm. (Hares are requesting an additional 15 minutes to lay trail)

Theme: “The Stabbin’ Cabin”-Devils with Rainbow Faces. Run in your cheap skivvies(underwear) and/ or camo!

Start: 1051 Filmore Ave. , New Orleans, LA 70124 The Pavilion(end of Motherload’s tutu trail)

Hares: Bearly Blue, Angry Lesbian Tuna Beard, Asses Up, Tits Don’t Fit, Drilling Me Softly

Beer Hare: Sir Yacksalot

Prelube: Parlay’s Bar, 870 Harrison Avenue

On After: Parlay’s Bar, 870 Harrison Avenue

Dog Friendly?: No

Hash Announcements:

Voodoo Campout – Some spots still available! Giant Twister! Jello wrestling! Hash Olympics! Beer Mile! Beer and food!

If you are interested in haring a trail for campout please email Texticle Teaser at

This weekend! March 21st -23rd, 2014 GCH3 600th Hash! Capped at 100 people. For more information

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