Trail #347 – XXX/Catch the Hare! Motherload



I will only be taking a 5 min head start. If I am caught. You become the hare.

Bring: $1 (no coins please), six pack, flashlight and whistle.

Date:  Thursday, January 8, 2014, 6:30 pm meet, 7:00 pm GO!

Theme: XXX/Catch the Hare!

Start:  Cooter Brown’s, 509 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans LA 70115

Hare and Co-Hares: Motherload

Beer Hare:  Fisty Cunt

Pre-Lube Location: Cooter Brown’s

On-After Location: Cooter Brown’s

Hash Announcements:

Next week’s trail : Going to be by NOMA and have a kilts and bowties theme with a gimme for those who come in theme.

January 14th Voodoo Hareraising:  Texticle Teaser will do a hareraising run for the dates in February and March 2014 on Tuesday January 14th starting at 11 am when I will post all the available dates on FB and people can either post or email the to call dibs on a date. First cum, first serve. Virgin hares welcome but will need an experienced hare. If you got questions regarding the process or haring feel free to message me, post, shoot me an email or catch me at a hash.

January 11, 2014 CSH3 Trail -details TBA, check out the FB group for updated information.

March 21st -23rd, 2014 GCH3 600th Hash! Capped at 100 people. For more information

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