Trail #330 – Rage Virus/ Fast Zombies! Motherload

28 Days Later

Last month Motherload ran the Voodoo hash through the disease infested muck of city park. The pack went into the shiggy, but something else came out. 28 Days later, patient zero has been sighted on the West Bank. You are the survivors. Can you outrun the super rabies rage virus zombies and make it back to civilization? Get yourselves to the thrift store and come wearing a plain white tee, light colored scrubs or other light clothing that you don’t care about getting stained or dress as a other zombie movie cliche characters. Prizes will be given for the first survivor in and zombie who infects the most survivors, unless I don’t have time or don’t feel like it.

Bring: $1 (no coins please),  6 pack, flashlight, whistle and proper brains seasoning

Theme: Rage Virus/ Fast Zombies

Hare: Motherload

Co Hare: I dunno. Maybe you? If a volunteer does not come foreword, one will be selected randomly at start. (contact Texticle Teaser or Motherload if you would like to co-hare)

Beer Hare: Bearly Blue

Start: 401-499 Mardi Gras Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70114 Parking Lot under the Crescent City Connection.

Pre-Lube: Old Point Bar 545 Patterson Dr, New Orleans, LA 70114

On After: Crown & Anchor 200 Pelican Ave, New Orleans, LA 70114

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