Come one, come all, to take in the sights and sounds (and feels) of the RUNNING OF THE BULLS PRE-PRE-LUBE!

That’s right, the party is on Saturday, but Voodoo is getting warmed up!  Who needs to do laundry, anyway?  Don your white party pants and wet t-shirt wifebeater, wrap a red scarf or old pillowcase around your waist and neck, and bring your Spaniard-impersonating ass out to the Riverbend for this week’s RUNNING OF THE BULLSHIT.

No seriously, dress up.  Get your ass to Goodwill or this will be a fucking lame hash.  Practice yelling “Ole!”  Eat some paella.  Or whatever the hell one does to prepare for an ass-gouging.


Dress like this, only with more things in your butt.
Dress like this, only with more things in your butt.

We’ll be pretending to run the bulls to confuse the gentrified assholes in the University area.  Name of the game will be to catch Whorebraham Lincoln, The Slutty Matador.  Who probably won’t be hard to snare considering her backsliding ass hasn’t been seen since VoodooMonkey3.  As usual, the hare is out of shape so the trail will be walker- and dog-friendly.  Not to say it won’t be interesting for the FRBs, who described Whorebraham’s last trail as “… like being in a busy restaurant for all the checks.”



Date: July 11th, 6:30 show, 7:00 Hares Away!
Theme: Running of the Bullsh!t – Prizes for those who dress up—if you aren’t in costume you don’t get a prize, fuck you.
Start:  Cooter Brown’s, 509 S Carrollton Ave (This is the same trail Whorebraham always lays)
Hare and Co-Hares: Whorebraham Lincoln and MYSTERY HARE  (The Mystery Hare is Knave)
Beer Hare: Bearly Blue, Designated Driver Extraordinaire
Pre-Lube Location: New Orleans Original Daiquiris, 8100 St Charles Ave

On-After Location: Cooter Brown’s

There will be free Snoballs.

No boobs.


Weekend Event Calendar:

Friday, July 12 – Crescent Shiggy Pre-Lube to Running of the Bulls, start at 5:00 at The Sugar Mill (1021 Convention Center Blvd.)

Saturday, July 13thSan Fermin in Nueva Orleans, 8:00am at The Sugar Mill (1021 Convention Center Blvd.)

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