# 275 – Fire Prevention Week

We’re supporting fire-prevention week!  Calling all flamers, hotties, hosers, Beavis/Butthead (fire! fire! fans), RETARDdants, and fireman calendar wannabees!  Slide down your poles, show up and show off your fireman’s hats, hydrants, tools and engines. Come extinguish your thirst with flammables. 

BRING: $1 hash cash, 6 beers for the beer cooler, flashlight, whistle (bug spray is probably a good idea too!)

6:30 show, 7:00 GO!  Hash cash might close at Hares Away so get there on time durgnabbit!

Date: 10/18/2012

Theme: Fire Prevention Week

Hare: Loose Orifice & Crack Inside Her

Beer Hare: Fisty Cunt

Start & Pre-Lube: Kingpin 1307 Lyons St. http://www.kingpinbar.com/ rumor has it there will be a keg for us to partake in!



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