#274 – Ökshïggyfëst Drei – Schiesse passiert!

Okay- so this turned out to be an awkward coincidence- our annual Ökshïggyfëst run ended up being preceded by a similar theme in a similar location the week before, and we haven’t had time to plan a new one. Undeterred, Tandy Ass and I have made some modifications to the trail, WHICH WE HAVE SCOUTED IN PERSON BEFORE. We also have something special planned for anyone who makes it to the end.

We will also have a walker-friendly trail for anyone who doesn’t want to get dirty.

Game Ovary

Bring: A flashlight, change of clothes, six pack, whistle, and a dollar. (Hareraiser note:  if it was anything like last week also may want to bring industrial bug spray–those things looked like they could take off with small children. For those newbies–a change of clothes usually indicates a shiggy trail–be prepared to get dirty and possibly wet)
Date: 2012 October 11
Pre-lube: Rivershack Tavern
On-after: TBD
Start location: The old Frostop location on Jeff Hwy, same as last week.
Hares: Game Ovary, Tandy Ass, Barely Blue
Beer hare: Jizz Rag
Theme: German or wilderness

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