#268 – Ass Burglar vs The Supervillians

HARE LIES: Are you a Supervillain or are you an Ass Burglar? Do you crash parties or do you show up to them jaw-dropping-ly prepared, supplied and invited? Do you settle for beer or do you have Maker’s Mark checks? Given 5 minutes, can you get ready for class or can you peel a pound of crawfish, field dress a hog, reassemble an SKS, drink a liter of whiskey and have time to floss your teeth? If cornered in a dark alley, is your first instinct to push your date down and run away or do you pull an arsenal from your arse? Do you give a lovely lady your sympathy over cocktails for losing her glasses on trail or is your Ass out there finding them in a flooded spillway? If it’s the former, then be your own Supervillian. If it’s the latter, don your black shorts, red bandana and weapon of your choosing; Ass Burglars wearing shirts will be indentified as frauds and shot on site (female Burglars wear sports bras for optimized Burglarizing (unless they don’t :))).

Date: 30Aug2012
Theme: Supervillains vs Ass Burglars
Start: Madigan’s, 800 South Carrollton Ave
Hare: Mexican Gum Job
Beer Hare: S.L.U.T
Pre-Lube Location: Madigan’s
On-After Location: TBA
Bring: Sacrificial offerings for the hare’s birthday (for her use as pets or servants).


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