#250 Like a Virgin

Remember your first time?  You came to a nice, quaint little running club in New Orleans (or wherever), you ran with some people, enjoyed a few brews, and then a bunch of people were uprooting trees and shrubs and flowers and shit?  Yeah I don’t either.  At any rate, the theme of this weeks’ hash is the theme of your VERY FIRST hash EVER!  Dress like your first time (and then the Buttsex!).

Thursday, April 26th

Hare:  Jean LaQueef
Location:  Lawrence Square (Camp and Napoleon)
Theme:  Like a Virgin–dress up as the theme of your virgin hash (or as a slut if you can’t remember)

Pre-lube:  Ms. Mae’s (cash only) (4336 Magazine  New Orleans, LA 70115)

6:30 show, 7:00 GO!

Bring: $1, 6+ beers, whistle, spelunking flashlight, 40 dark-haired virgins.

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