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As some of you may know, not only do I have MAD ART SKILLZ, I work at a screen printer. I was thinking the other day: most of my hash shirts don’t fit me, and it’d be nice to have some running attire that doesn’t have short sleeves down to my elbows or need 12 inches of fabric cut off the bottom. And then, I realized– I could put Voodoo art on any piece of clothing for pretty cheap… other people may wanna get in on this too! We have been discussing this on the Facebook group (you should really join, if you haven’t yet), and I’m personally working on some new Voodoo art as well, with input from the group.

So, if you’ve got a bunch of boring shirts, hoodies, etc. that you want to swankify with the Voodoo logo, gather ’em up and bring them to me at the hash, starting this week. For a fee of $5, you can have the Voodoo Hash logo screened on as many pieces of clothing as you wish. Yes, you need to pay when you give me your shirts. I can’t guarantee that I will have change for you, so don’t expect me to break a $20.

When you do bring your shirts, please do me a favor, and put a piece of tape on the side (front or back) that you want to have screened. For the time being, we’re going to go with BLACK ink on light colored shirts, or WHITE ink on dark colored shirts. Once I figure out how cost-effective the printing is, I’m hoping to offer multi-color designs for the same low price.

Since the new art hasn’t been finalized yet, the first printing will be the original logo that’s on all our existing haberdashery.

Swamp Gravy

PS – I am NOT the official haberdasher. Don’t ask me about shiggy socks. lol

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