Final pre-campout post!

Percy Quinn Information
Website –
Address – 2036 Percy Quin Dr. McComb MS 39648
Phone Number – (601)684-3938

Check-in time for camping is 4:00pm and check-out time is 2:00pm. The latest you can check in is 10pm.
Quiet hours from 10pm – 6am. No whistle blowing or running through other campers tent sites.
Pets are allowed in the campground area ONLY and must be kept on a leash at ALL TIMES. The Leash can be no longer than 6 foot long.
All persons entering the campground must be registered. Upon arrival campers must have their camping unit and be prepared to set up.
All site occupancy is limited to 8 people and 2 vehicles.

Things to Note
Fill Me Up is providing Food – Dinner on Friday; Three Meals on Saturday; Breakfast on Sunday.
Beer is provided. Bring your own water, ice, liquor, mixers, “special” beer, snacks, chips.
Tents fees need to be paid in cash. We are primitive camping. $11/tent/day; Cash Only
Whoever gets there first has to list everyone in the tent and pay the tent fee at that moment. When the rest of your tent mates show up all they do is check in and not pay.
Raccoons and possums are in the park. They invade the garbage even when it’s tied up. They may attempt to invade the tent where the food is not properly stored.
Prisoners working the grounds until Friday evening. Please do not interact with them. They will ask for trades like beer and cigarettes for extra wood. It’s against the park’s regulations and puts us at risk of being kicked out.
It will be freakin’ dark. Wal-mart has cheap lanterns and bring extra batteries
Bring some String if you think you might hang up wet clothes.

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