Epic Campout was EPIC

Well, VooDoo, we have outdone ourselves. Not only did we have SEVEN namings (eight, if Just Dave had stuck around more), but we had an arrest. An arrest!

I’m not going to talk about our little prison bitch, or our Black Metal Bretheren™ in the next campsite, but instead just introduce you to the Campout Class of 2010: (in order of naming)

Campout Class of 2010

Just Dominic – Shit Candy
Shit Candy

Just Sara – Pickup Fuck
Pickup Fuck

Just Jeff – Jefferson Starfish, Just Jason – Game Ovary, Just Marcelle – 8 Lays a Week
Starfish Ovary 8 Lays

Just Mike – Cold Wet Douche
Cold Wet Douche

Just Darren – Top Queer
Top Queer

Well done, VooDoo, well done. I can’t wait ’till next year, when we’ll hopefully be somewhere that we don’t have to pipe down after 10pm.

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