The 100th Lei’d Hashes of the VooDoo

VDH3 100th

Wow. I really can’t believe it’s been 100 hashes already. Thinking back through just my tenure as RA makes me think a montage is appropriate, so here we go:

Huh. As it turns out, I didn’t feel like sitting down and spending a few hours combing through pictures for you ingrates, so I went with the 30 second solution and embedded a MANtage. I think we’re all the better for it anyways.

Okay, enough with that, let’s get down to the issue at had – this week’s hash.

Since 100 is a big number, we decided that we needed about 1/20th dedicated to the hares. That’s right, our hares this week are TidyBowlMan, WeeBlowMaster, Fill Me Up, and 2 super-surprise hares. For good measure, we’ll even throw in Oral Impression as a beer hare at no extra cost!

Since this is the 100th lay, break out your coconut bras, grass skirts, tiki mugs, hell – you can even bring hula hoops. Actually, scratch that last one. No hula hoops. We’ll start on “Tips on Tchoupitoulas…” and since this is an A to B with transport provided back to the A, who the hell knows where we’ll end up.

Also, if you want a shirt that has the graphic above, talk to WeeBlow Master! He’ll have them at the hash, but there aren’t many left and it won’t be reprinted.

Hares: Tidy Bowl Man, Wee Blow Master, Fill Me Up, 2 super secret hares.
When: October 1st, 6:30 pm
Where: Tipitina’s – Napoleon at Tchoupitoulas
Theme: Hawaiian / Lei’d

$1 and a 6-pack, $6 if you suck and don’t bring any beer. As always, don’t be the 1% that doesn’t bring your flashlight and a whistle!

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  1. TidyBowlMan says:


    That was a very good idea and funny shit.I will say that at first I thought the bearded guy was YOU.

    Scissor Me Timbers, and God Bless Vaginica!

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