VooDoo Social!

Another landmark! Since we’re starting the 100th hash at “Tips on Tchoupitoulas”, it’s only fair that we do something at “Rock N’ Bowl in Mid-City“, so we are!

Drunk BowlingIt’s been almost two years since the first VooDoo hash, but it’s never too late for our first social! Well, we aim to fix that. Hopefully, this won’t be a one-off event. We’d like to have a social about once a month, assuming we can get our shit together enough to do that. We’ll see.

Anyways, here’s the rough plan: let’s meet up for 7:30 or 8ish – there’s a door charge starting at 9pm (we think) as Blues/Rock musician Eric Lindell will be playing, starting around 9:30.

Fill Me Up (who won’t be there due to Oktoberfest), reserved a lane for us at 10, so if we are so inclined and properly inebriated (see inset graphic), then we can bowl! Hopefully we can get an extra lane or two next to it, if need be.

So, that’s the plan. 7:30ish till, Rock N’ Bowl. I’ll be there (sans kilt! gasp!), and hope to see y’all too. The beer is cheap, the food is bar-tastic, we are collectively awesome, and this is an excuse you’ve been looking for to finally get off your asses and see the new Rock N’ Bowl!

Forget Rock N’ Roll, let’s Rock N’ Bowwwwwwwwwlllllllllllll!! Thank you Cleveland, good night! We love you!

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