VooDoo #99.5 – I <3 the 90's!


Hey guys guess what we have three really awesome people laying trail for us this Thursday in Jefferson and it’s gonna be really fun because not only is it a 90’s theme (’cause hey, it’s the last #90’s VooDoo Hash ever!) which is totally cool because how often to we actually get to wear neon colors and hypercolor and stuff like we did about 10 weeks ago for the 80’s hash but outside of that one too anyways one of the hares is having a birthday so happy birthday IHOV we’re gonna have so much fun I can’t wait to meet up at Central Ave. underneath Earhart at 6:30 with my beer and $1 and flashlight and whistle and hypercolor did I mention hypercolor is pretty rad because it totally is and you should wear it if you have it.

Hares: IHOV, Tidy Bowl Man, Pastor Bait-Her
When: September 24th, 6:30 pm
Where: Central Ave. underneath Earhart Expressway
Theme: 90’s!

$1 and a 6-pack, $6 if you suck and don’t bring any beer. As always, don’t be the 1% that doesn’t bring your flashlight and a whistle!

And since the weather has been super doom-cloudy lately, it’d probably be a good idea to bring at least a plastic bag put your shoes in after the hash, and/or shoes you don’t care about.

There’ll be some shiggy, combine that with this week’s rainy weather, and I’d guess that adds up to mud.

Just sayin’.

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