The VooDoo Red Skirt Run 2009

VDH3 Red Skirt Run 09

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time of year again! RED DRESS RUN Time!

Helping to prepare you for Saturday’s red sea of insanity, your hares Fill Me Up and Pastor Bait-Her will be taking you on a run through the Marigny!

Meet-up is at Washington Square – on the corner of Frenchmen and Royal at 6:30, and the hares will take off at 7.

We WILL be stopping at several bars, so make sure you clowns bring some cash for the bar stops! You still need to bring your $1 and a six-pack ($6 if you just want to be mean and not bring beer).

I think there’s something I’m forgetting … what could it be… OH YEAH!


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One Reply to “The VooDoo Red Skirt Run 2009”

  1. Queef Meter says:

    Hello my fellow Voodoo Fools!
    While the thought of seeing (most of) you people in red skirts is frightening I still wish I could be there. What’s the over/under on the number of people going commando? Party BIG and On On……!

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