New Hare-Raiser

Hear ye, hear ye! Your favorite delicious Gravy here. I’m taking over hare-raising duties for Eyes Up Here, for an as of yet undetermined length of time. If you are interested in haring, PLEASE e-mail me at Tell me when you’d like to hare, and your co-hare (if any). You can see the open dates on our calendar (located on the right side here). A few days before trail I will poke you to get the info about theme and a start location. Please note: IF YOU DO NOT SIGN UP TO HARE, YOU WILL BE FORCED TO RUN … Continue ReadingNew Hare-Raiser

No Cunt Troll put it in my mouth, and it was awesome.

Last night summed up New Orleans perfectly. We were in Clay Square Park, about to circle up when a cop shows. Cop: “Ya’ll can’t have beer in the park. The noise is fine. Can ya’ll just move out to the corner or the street, and drink?” I fucking love this city. We took the cop’s advice and hashed 13 extra blocks, moving us from 11th crappy ass Ward to the 10th. What we found out is that the 10th Ward (i.e. district for you foreigners) is rather a good spot to host a bunch of overgrown children who likes to … Continue ReadingNo Cunt Troll put it in my mouth, and it was awesome.