Trail # 292 – Carnival 2013: “Le Hash d’Etat”

Yeah, Yeah we know…Krewe d’Etat parade doesn’t hit until Friday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up like French Revolutionaries the night before!! Please leave your portable guillotines at home. We’ll be starting a bit early this week, so that we can catch as much of the parade trifecta that night as possible. Make sure you bring enough booze to drink (more than usual for circle), or some cash for the on-after (Avenue Pub, which also has grub)! The beer truck will be dropping stuff at on-in, then we will have a cart for our beer casket (that means only carry … Continue ReadingTrail # 292 – Carnival 2013: “Le Hash d’Etat”

# 272-Crazy Cat Lady

If you haven’t heard, Carrottop Cocksucker adopted 2 cats recently and treats them like her own furchildren.  Henceforth, this hash is dedicated to all those pictures of cats on Reddit and the kitties of New Orleans. Bring: Cat ears, tails, catnip, cat food, toy mice, scratching post, laser pointers, flashlight, $1, 6-pack o’ brewskies, whistle, dog whistle. 6:30 show, 7:00 GO!  Hash cash might close at Hares Away so get there on time durgnabbit! Date: 9-27-201 Theme: Crazy Cat Lady Hare: Carrottop Cocksucker Beer Hares: Minnie Pearl Necklace and Scarlett O Hogger Start & Pre-Lube: Cooter Brown’s, 509 Carrollton Ave, … Continue Reading# 272-Crazy Cat Lady