Trail #752: Founder’s Day!

Theme: Founder’s Day (virtual trail)

Hares: The Iceman Thumbeth and ¿Quesa-did-her?

Special guests: The founding members of Voodoo! Dental Dam-zel is organizing a bunch of the wankers who started Voodoo, now scattered to the far corners of the globe, to join us for the virtual hash this week. If you’ve been hashing long enough to remember them, get a life! but first, stop by Circle to and bring some good, ancient-history-based accusations for them. If not, come pay some (dis)respect to your elders. You might learn some new old songs. Some of them will probably be in Japanese.

Circle: The Zoom room opens at 8:00 PM and Circle starts at 8:30 PM on Thursday, January 28th. Here’s the link:

You have two options for trail this week:

Run/walk a route of your own design. Start where you want, Beer Near where you want, end where you want. Track your run with a route-tracker app (we recommend tracking with Strava and tagging Voodoo H3). Post a screenshot of your route when you’re finished. Whoever draws the best, most creative picture with their route wins.

If you’re in New Orleans and don’t feel like designing your own route, the hares will pre-lay a route for you. The true trail of this route also draws a picture, so track it and post the screenshot. If you can tell what the picture is from your route, you also win. This route is dog friendly, little/no shiggy.

Trail opens: Wednesday, January 27th at 5 PM. Run it any time after that.

Start location: Lemann Park and Playground at 628 N Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112
True trail length: 3 miles

Trail is A-A.

Note: The pre-laid route has a free Beer Near! Iceman bought way too much beer for NYE and so we’ll be drinking it forever.

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