Trail # 717 – These trying times

Theme: These Trying Times

As you navigate the new normal, you’ll want to be ready for when shit eventually goes haywire. This GeoHash trail is designed to do just that!  You’ll 100% need some way to locate yourself via GPS for this trail. These times will be difficult, and you won’t finish trail without it.  Besides, how else are you going to locate your survival supplies along the way?  It’s imperative that you have GPS, so we can keep the loot hidden from anyone looking to raid it.  Be on the lookout for the 1st GPS clue tomorrow morning.  This will set you on your path.  Take a deep breath, be strong, and maybe you, too, can persevere these trying times!

****This will be the last hash under the phase 1 guidelines for the State of Louisiana.  On June 11th will will resume normal trails with some restrictions including not hashing in Orleans Parish until further notice.  Stay tuned for more info on this.****

Date: Thursday, June 4th

Time: Trail will be open no later than 10am!  Check the Voodoo Facebook page on Thursday morning for when it is officially live.

Bring: PHONE OR GPS DEVICE (Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tech on trail. Just trying to prep you for the apocalypse. We’ll ban tech again starting next week.) and Shiggy socks.

Start Address: Somewhere in City Park (Exact GPS location to be announced Thursday Morning.)

Hare: What’s Warm?

Circle: Zoom Meeting ID – 845 139 9036  Password – 1iGVw3 (This will be the last Zoom Circle!)

Dog Friendly? Mostly, but there will be shiggy.

True trail length: Approx. 3.0 miles (Unless I change my mind in the morning.)

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