Trail # 505 – Hunt for the Zombie Queens – Just Jesse and CUM muter


Two hashers have been infected by a virus (was it in the blood in the casket from last trail that wounded some unlucky hasher? Maybe, we will never know). Can you track down these hashers turned zombie queens in order to secure the city? Wear your best zombie hunting gear and bring your survival skills as you hunt through cemeteries and over bayous. Along the way, make sure to search for special immunity potions and antidotes. Attire: Boy Scout or soldier attire, anything you might hunt zombies in…

Pre hunt meal: Homedale offers $15 steak plate from 5 to 9 (or until meat lasts) filet, baked potato, and corn, so come early to get your meat before the hunt.

Bring: $1 (no coins) 6-Pack, whistle, flashlight

Date: Thursday, September 15, 2016. 6:30 show, 7 pm go.

Theme: Hunt for the Zombie Queens

Start:  Homedale Inn Bar, 618 Homedale St, New Orleans, LA 70124

Hare and Co-Hares: Just Jesse (Virgin lay) and CUM muter

Beer Hare:  Cock a Booty Boo

Pre-Lube Location: Homedale Inn Bar   618 Homedale St, New Orleans, LA 70124

On-After Location: Homedale Inn Bar 618 Homedale St, New Orleans, LA 70124

Dog Friendly?: no

Any specific info the pack may need? (shiggy, long trail, water shoes, dry bag etc): Bring enough beer for two beer stops, it’s gonna be a long night hunting those zombies

Approximate Length of True Trail: (does not include YBFs, Checks etc) 5.2 miles

Trail is A to A, A to B, etc: A to A

Separate Walkers trail or Turkey / Eagle split: Walkers follow trail



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