Trail # 500 – Red Skirt Run: Voodoo FINALLY Gets the D – What’s Warm and the Voodoo Gladiators


The Voodoo Hash House Harriers proudly present its 500th trail – Voodoo finally gets the D (If you don’t get it, and we feel very sorry for you, brush up on your Roman Numerals)!   If you find yourself in town for Red Dress Run weekend in Nola, you don’t want to miss this one.  What’s Warm and his team of Voodoo Gladiators have some special, epic shit planned for you wankers; and this is certainly one for the history books.  Trail details are posted below, and that’s about all the information we can give you without ruining any of the many surprises we have in store for you.  Just show up, and we can assure you that this will be the greatest tour of New Orleans in the history of ever. On On!
DATE: Thursday, August 11, 2016

TIME: 6:15pm – Show. 6:45pm – Hares away. 7:00pm – GO! All times are SHARP!!!!!

THEME: Red Skirt Run: Voodoo FINALLY Gets the D

BRING: $5 for the Hash and a 6 pack of beer. Multiple Beer Stops, so you might want to bring more! We’ll give you a patch and a great time!

START: Duncan Plaza on Gravier St. GPS address: 331 Loyola Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112

HARES: What’s Warm and The Voodoo Gladiators

BEER HARE: Fucked by Mapquest – Beer Hare. Sir Yaks-a-Lot – Shag Wagon.

PRE-LUBE LOCATION: Handsome Willy’s 218 S Robertson St, New Orleans, LA 70112

ON-AFTER LOCATION: Handsome Willy’s 218 S Robertson St, New Orleans, LA 70112 . SPECIALS: $3 PBR tall boys, $3 Margaritas, $3 Handsome Juice, $1.50 Tacos, $2 Banditos.

DOG FRIENDLY? Service Animals Only please

ANY SPECIFIC INFO THE PACK MAY NEED?: BRING A DRY BAG FOR YOUR VALUABLES or leave at “home”! There are no water crossings on trail, but everyone knows a good time makes you wet. Definitely put your valuables in a dry bag as the forecast calls for a 100% chance of large, plastic-covered rain drops. There’s also a couple of EC (Extra Credit) marks along trail. Bring your ID and $5-$10 in small, unmarked bills for some optional, added fun you may not expect. Cameras, video cameras, Go Pros, etc. are more than welcome, get consent before posting on FB! We’d love to see some of the documentation from trail posted to the event page. Oh yeah, there will also be glitter, so bring a body condom if you don’t want to get hit with the slut dust.

APPROXIMATE LENGTH OF TRUE TRAIL: Walkers – 3.9 miles. Runners – 5.7 miles

TRAIL is A to A’: My suggestion is to park near on after and walk to start (3 blocks apart). Make sure you pay for parking if you’re in one of the lots around there. If you park in a metered spot on the street, pay until 7:00pm.  or just Uber/Lyft, you will be too drunk to drive after anyway!

SPLITS: There are 2 T/E splits. Walkers follow trail.

Hash Announcements:

Visitor Awards are slated to happen.  Check the Attendance!

NOH 3 Red Dress Run Rego is Now OPEN. Rego Here! – How have you gotten this far and NOT Rego’d yet.  What is wrong with you?!?

Louisiana Interhash (New Orleans, LA) September 16 – 18,  Rego Here!

Mobile Red Dress Run October 7-9th Rego Here!

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