Trail # 443 – The Birth of The Cockness Monster! Cockness Monster & KWW


cropped cocknessLadies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Jerkwads and Jerkettes.  That time has rolled around once again.  It is the moment we recognise the Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary of that Leader of Men, the only man ever to walk on the surface of Mars, The first of his name and leader of the 7 kingdoms, the one and only – Cockness Monster.  So come one, come all bring your beautiful selves and get ready to party to celebrate Big Cam’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday Phuq Ewe.


Bring: $1 (no coins please), a 6-pack , flashlight, & whistle. Water for you and your pups! Bug spray is always a good idea for them skeeters!

Date: Thursday August 27, 2015 6:30 pm meet, 7:00 pm Go!

Theme:Happy Birthday Cockness Monster

Hares (s): The Cockness Monster & KWW

Beer Hare: Cooter Webs

Start: Coliseum Square, corner of Race and Coliseum St., New Orleans LA 70130

Prelube: Half Moon Bar and Grill, 1125 St. Mary St, New Orleans, LA 70130

On-After: The Saint, 961 St. Mary St., New Orleans, LA 70130

Dog Friendly: The Saint may not be

Is a dry bag, shiggy gear or anything specific needed for trail? Nope

Any specific info the pack may need? Low chance of shiggy. Flashlights recommended but not critical. Child’s play. No separate walker’s trail.

Hash Announcements

Voodoo Monkey VSeptember 18-20, 2015 in New Orleans! Rego is up! 69 wankers have already regoed at the cheapest rate so get in before the price goes up again! Hash hotel info has been posted on the event page, email if you need to be added or get a fellow wanker on the event page to add you!

Mobile Red Dress Run – September 11-13 go here for more info

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