#308 – Dance Magic Dance

David Bowie's crotch.
Look at the shadow that thing casts. It’s like a penis sundial.
Stuff your crotch, bust out your eye shadow, brush up on your ball juggling skills, grab your goblin-herding stick, don that red and white striped onesie, dust off your whiny pre-teen attitude, and practice a creepy tendency to abduct babies; this week’s trail is going to be 80’s-tastic.

Dance Magic Dance!

Date: Thursday, April 18, 6:30 pm show, 7:00 pm GO!
ThemeDavid Bowie’s Crotch in Labyrinth
Bring: $1, 6 beers, whistle, flashlight, frontspiece, tight pants.
Hares: Pussy Whisker, Whorebraham Lincoln
Beer Hare: Just Kris
Start: Bayou St. John Post Office, 501 N Jefferson Davis Pkwy
Pre-Lube: Bayou Beer Garden, 326 N Jefferson Davis Pkwy
On-After: Twelve Mile Limit, 500 S Telemachus St


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