#257 – Game of Thrones VS The Avengers VS Lord of the Rings VS Star Wars VS Steampunk LARP Faire


Talk nerdy to me.


This trail will be walker and dog friendly, so get off your backslidin’ arse and lace up your jousting armor.


6:30 show, 7:00 go.  Bring: $1, 6 bottles of ye olde ale, water for The Hound(s), nerf swords, peasant blouses, renaissance regalia, impish dwarves, elf ears, Blizzard Authenticator, flasks, potions, sacks of gold.


Delicious-Sounding Hares:  Swamp Gravy and Carrottop Cocksücker (VIRGIN LAY)


Beer Hare: ???


Start and Pre-Lube: Cooter Brown’s (509 S. Carrollton Avenue)



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