14 reasons Jesus can’t go hashing

Leave your contraceptives and taddle-tale children at home, this is a Catholic affair to remember.  We may or may not have all 14 stations of the Cross, but at the very least, it’s the Hare’s birthday, so be sure to bring something special to make the cake all that more special.  Also you’ll want to park legally and seek revenge since this is an A to B hash.

Date: Thursday, April 5th

Theme: Stations of the Cross Hash
Start:  Lafayette Square
Time: 6:30pm show, 7:00pm go
Hares: Enough Already (BIRTHDAY)
Cost: $1 (bills only plz) and a 6 pack (or more if you plan to drink more).
Bring: Papal rape whistle, that little light of mine to let it shine, not-pregnant virgins, 6+ beers for communion, flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, frankincense, myrrh.



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