#206 Wine, Cheese, and STDS

Yea exactly, This is what happens when you let a redneck and hillbilly hare together, they make it classy. To add to the class, it is on the BESTBANK! We are changing it up a bit this week. Since the Texans aren’t nearly the alcoholics we thought they were, we still have some Kegs to float. So bring $5 and an extra dollar to cross the bridge. So dress real classy, or dress real trashy, and lets get hashy.

List of things to bring: Flashlight, $5, whistle, toll, shiggy socks

Things not recommended: Dogs, babies, cats, hipsters

Who: Swamp Gravy, Eyes Up HERE

Theme: Classy vs. Trashy

When:Thursday, 6:30 show,7:00 GO!

Where:Oakwood shopping center (next to Terry PKWY)

Why: Drink beer and run

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