#201- Puppy’s Final Cumming

Ok, I was going to think of something witty and sarcastic to say about how shitty puppy trails are, but as I was carrying a bag of dog chow up the stairs I decided to make this short and sweet (like a good love making machine… for puppies). So it is the final coming for Puppy Love Machine, and what better place to start than the Wal-Marts. And he decided not to be an ass hole, but to honor the community who is being honored this moth, the LGBT (although decadence is in September?!?). So hopefully a New York reporter won’t out you as a/an LGBT, though there is nothing wrong with that, as you show up this Thursday.

Who: Puppy Love Machine, Dick’s A Flava

What: Rainbows, Fashion, Reaux Paul, Two Male Dogs

Where: The only Wal-Marts in Orleans (corner of St. Mary and Rousseau)

When: Thursday 6:30 show, 7:00 GO

Why: To Drink Beer and RUN

Bring a dollar and a six pack, a whistle and flashlight will be very helpful as well

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