#199 Mexicano Borracho

Sorry for this being a bit late, but I was shocked that this dumb ass of hare chose to hash through Lakeview, I am glad because it has been so long since anyone has hashed there.

Since the Dude showed up for Cinco De Mayo, Broke Wetback Dyke decided it was time to celebrate a missed holiday. He said to show up as a Mexican, and hopefully everyone will be dressed as a Drunk Mexican before the end of the night. I really hope that we have circle at a Home Depot.

So don’t be a Mexican’t and get your bresesticles  and testicles to the hash.

-Eyes Up HERE


Who: Broke Back Dyke, Just James

Where: Harrison and West End

Theme: Mexican, Sombrero, Poncho, etc

6:30 show, 7:00 jump the border

Bring a dollar, six pack, whistle, and flashlight

Oh yea this too,

Full Moon Hash
Wed 6/15/11
8pm Show / 8:30 go
City Park
at the Casino near the Peristyle on Dreyfous Drive
Cost $5
Hare: Blow my banana biotch
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