#177 – Dead Celebrities Recap

*This morning, I told EBS that I did not want to write trash because there wasn’t much to write about but I do love Tidy. He is who I look up to…seriously.

Apparently last night, more people seem more concerned with mingling, drinking, singing, beer gardening, king caking, and po-boying than actually hashing. Just Sean should’ve popped his haring cherry with a taller co-hare so maybe he’d last longer than a 2 minutes on trail. So here’s a toast to all things short like the hash, this blog, and hare TidyBowlMan (by no means he’s “short” on other things). It wasn’t a night for pack leaders, that’s for sure.

Grand Opening apparently used all the battery life on her toys so much that her Beer Truck felt dissed and went on strike. Did she ever make it home to her Fi-lay on?

Tonight is the toasting of “G” so there may be singing and dancing in da quarta. Info? Look below. To get you in the mood, here’s a trippin’ spineless move from a dead celebrity Move it like Bernie

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